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SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles represent a particular automotive class recognized by its off-road features such as increased ground clearance, bigger body dimensions, four-wheel drive and driver assistance systems.

A considerable part of the SUVs is built on a light chassis sourced from trucks and then used as family or commuter vehicle.

Even though they are built more rugged than an average city car, most SUVs are used on highways and city roads. In terms of interior design, an SUV’s main feature is a heightened driving position. This leads to a rather increased center of gravity and thus reducing performance when driving at the limit, especially around heavy turns.

SUV cars come in either full size or coupe versions. Generally, full size SUVs offer 5 to 7 seats and benefit from increased passenger and luggage space. Even so, the 3rd seat row on 7-seat variants isn’t usually suited for adults but rather children, due to limited leg space. The 3rd row can be dispensed into the floor to boost cargo space when necessary. Coupe sports utility vehicles present as the more luxurious version of the model, packing the highest trims and the best technology available.

Some sports utility vehicles come equipped with a performance towing system and enough power to carry around the same weight as a comparable pickup truck. These allows small trailers and even a camper to be attached and carried to a camping site.

Crossover cars represent a certain class of smaller SUVs that share features between the sedan and station wagon and the aforementioned sports utility vehicles. With a lower center of gravity, lower mass and more efficient engine units, crossovers benefit from higher maneuverability and generally higher fuel efficiency. Crossovers may or may not be equipped with four-wheel drive and usually lack the ability of towing heavy loads as their bigger counterpart.

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