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Car insurance refers to a mean to provide financial help and protection in case of a road event that results in damage to the car or the driver. Usually, such events mean traffic collisions.

There are various insurance packages offered by brokers, some also covering damages caused by theft or hooliganism. However, the terms vary according to legislation for each country and region.

The first compulsory insurance scheme dates back to the Road Traffic Act of 1930 in United Kingdom. Nine years later, Germany took over a similar legislation to protect drivers from liability for injuries or death caused to third parties, when their vehicle was on public roads.

Most countries around the world have compulsory car insurance schemes. While some regions offer public insurance packages, there are also private offers from brokers which may add in better options for car owners. Such extras include faster repairs, car replacement during repair, or higher amounts paid in case of an accident.

Overall, vehicle insurance is able to cover some or, in some cases, all of the following: medical payments, repair of the property damage, repair of physical damage to the vehicle, medical payments for people inside the car, towing and repair costs.

Insurance fees generally depend from region to region, driver age, experience, gender and location.

Auto insurance tips for multi car, classic cars and regular. How to find cheap insurance, best companies and best quotes.

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