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The smaller brother of heavy cargo haulers, the pickup truck features an enclosed cabin and a cargo area that’s bordered by a tailgate and low side barriers.

In the beginning, pickup trucks were acquired by private individuals and companies solely for work purpose. Thus, the first-ever built pickup trucks feature little to any comfort options and were oriented towards performance. Pickup trucks were initially sold as an engine and chassis configuration. Only later on, a body was added on top of the chassis.

However, during the 1950s a trend emerged that made this kind of cars be seen and bought as a family or personal vehicle. Four decades later, roughly 15% of pickup truck owners admitted they are using the vehicle mainly for work.

With growing creature comfort amenities, higher safety standards and improved engine with better fuel mileage, pickup trucks became one of the more common passenger cars in America.

Back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, Ford held the crown for the best pickup truck manufacturer in the United States. These autovehicles are less familiar in Europe due to engine emission regulation as well as narrower roads that would make pickup trucks hard to handle.

Pickup truck come in various cabin configuration. Early models featured the single-cab configuration, with just 2 seats and two doors. Later on, the double cab, also known as extended cab featured extra space behind the main seats. The largest option is known as the crew cab. In this configuration, another 2 doors and a row of either two or three seats is added behind the main cabin to provide higher passenger transportation capacity.

The most usual powertrain configuration for pickup trucks involves 4×4 drive. Some more expensive models will also feature locking differentials and crawl gears for heavy terrain. A particular model is the dually pickup truck, featuring two axles on the rear end.

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