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The race for glory in the automotive industry will continue in 2019. New cars in this year will come around better equipped, more powerful and efficient, and in the same time, featuring less emissions per kilometer, to comply with the stricter environmental standards imposed by governments.

The main spark of new car production in 2019 remains the fierce competition, especially between large automotive brands. As most of them have at least one car model to compete in each chassis and size category, the difference will be established in terms of design, power, safety and comfort. After all, that’s what the end user is interested in when coming inside a dealership to acquire a new car.

Enhanced performance is one of the key points that will drive research and technology in the automotive field in 2019. Besides the classic ways of improving performance, like turbocharging, supercharging, stratified injection, other methods might be revealed to pump out even more horsepower from engines. Automotive brands will compete to provide new cars in 2019 that output higher numbers without compromising on fuel efficiency and carbon emissions.

Current design trends may continue while some can get replaced by new ideas, resulting in a different approach in car design. Showrooms and dealerships may host new cars in 2019 that look partially or radically different from previous models. It is certain that automakers will compete to provide the best, sleekest designs to the consumer public.

The year 2019 will also provide advances in electric and hybrid car technologies and we might get to see more vehicles running on electric or hybrid powertrains. The advantages of electric power will be exploited further by automakers and possibly other alternative fuel technologies may arise to further enhance performance, fuel economy and reduce emissions. Whichever the case may be, competition between brands will remain the main characteristic that propels advances.

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