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Also known as a motor show or a car show, an auto show is simply put a public showcasing of new car models, concept cars or classic cars that have gone out of production.

Most auto shows are attended by representatives of automotive industry as well as car fanatics, journalists and dealers.

Usually occurring twice a year, auto shows are ground zero for car manufacturers, the place where they exercises public relations and promote their company or brand. The major auto shows in the world are called “The Big Five”. These are held in Frankfurt, Geneva, Detroit, Paris and Tokyo. Sometimes, New York takes the place for one of the five.

There are also more frequent, smaller auto shows that happen around the world. These are usually referred to as “car rallies” rather than fully fledged auto shows. These events are split depending on the theme and include a particular brand, or a particular model. In other cases, such events are set up for classic cars or hot rods.

Auto shows can also be distinguished on whether they are set up professionally (like the Big Five) or organized by amateur car fans. While some car shows have free of charge admissions, many require a fee or special invitation in order to take part.

Car shows 2021 from all around the world. See the calendar with all international auto shows and everything that has a motor.

“Concept Cars: The Great Beauty” – concept cars by the famous Bertone design studio are on display in St.Petersburg, Russia The exhibition showcases six Bertone concept cars from different years. The great Italian designer, Nuccio Bertone, has left an indelible mark in the history of the automobile through its collaboration with the main international car […]
The organizers announce that there will be no Geneva International Motor Show in 2021. GIMS –  the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) – is the largest public event in Switzerland and one of the most important for the car industry, as well as for the public. The COVID-19 pandemic that ravages the whole world gives […]
Witnessing the broad showcasing and reveals at the 2018 Geneva International Auto Show was a really amazing experience. As the show is about to end and all car models and technologies have been revealed to the public, it’s time to go over what were the most eye-catching views at the show. Here’s what got the […]
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