Concept cars from the past and present


“Concept Cars: The Great Beauty” – concept cars by the famous Bertone design studio are on display in St.Petersburg, Russia

The exhibition showcases six Bertone concept cars from different years. The great Italian designer, Nuccio Bertone, has left an indelible mark in the history of the automobile through its collaboration with the main international car manufacturers, from Fiat to Lamborghini, from BMW to Volvo.

Pavel Markaitis,  spokesperson of the museum of modern art Erarta in St.Petersburg said that these concept cars are like haute couture clothes, that belong to the high fashion of automobiles and are not produced as serial cars. “Therefore, we here are not paying much attention to the technical parameters of vehicles, not their ability to drive for 300 km per hour, but this exhibition is more about colour, search for the forms, about the evolution of lines.”

Porsche Karisma

With gullwing doors wide open, the Porsche Karisma gives the appearance of a large-winged bird. The sliding doors make it easy for the driver to get into the car.

Chevrolet Corvette Ramarro – it has engine cooling radiators at the rear of the car, making the body shorter and improving the car’s aerodynamics. This is the car of the 80s and it is the meeting of the US automobile world with Italian design. It is Bertone’s interpretation of Chevrolet, inspired by the desert, by the endless roads of America.

The exhibition includes models that were not intended for mass production : The Alfa Romeo Bella, the Lotus Emotion, the Karisma, the Chevrolet Corvette Ramarro, the Cadillac Villa, and the Birusa vehicle.

Drawings of the car models and photos showing the evolution of car design, are also the stars of this exhibition as they trace the Italian automotive design in the 20th century.


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