Pilot program: Porsche cars on subscription. For a 2.000 dollars per-month fee you can drive what model you desire


Porsche launched in November in the USA a premium subscription service that will give access to its customers to more of this luxury automaker models for a single monthly fee of 2000 dollars.

This service, which is called Porsche Passport, was introduced in November in Atlanta, Georgia, and the users may access the cars via an app launched by the company by making reservations.

Porsche claims that this service is addressed to the rich people that desire to experience more Porsche sports cars.

For 2.000 dollars per month, Porsche Passport members will be given access to 8 (eight) Porsche cars, while the 3000 dollars per month plan gives the drivers the opportunity to choose from 22 (twenty-two) models.

The subscription covers the insurance, maintenance and detailing services. The customer only needs to do the car refill.

Audi, a fellow of the Volkswagen Group, operates in San Francisco and Hong Kong a pilot program called Audi at home, through which the customers living within the company’s base have access to the next generation fleet models on the basis of a rental fee. Audi provides vehicle delivery, the insurance and fuels.

Volvo will launch, next year, along with the new SUV XC40, the possibility to buy together with the car the insurance, maintenance and detailing services under the payment of a single fee.

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