Fiat-Chrysler excludes separation of Maserati and Alfa Romeo: “The two brands are immature and don’t generate money”


Sergio Marchionne excluded separation of Maserati and Alfa Romeo from Fiat-Chrysler Group until the two brands become profitable.

No change will take place within the FiatChrysler Group for the period ahead. At least this is what the CEO Sergio Marchionne claims, commenting on the latest information in the international press.

The most important piece of news is that Maserati and Alfa Romeo will not separate from the Group, even if these are unprofitable and, thus unable to develop on their own. Practically, a decision will be taken only when these brands will start generating profit.

“It is almost impossible, if not impossible to witness a separation for Alfa Romeo and Maserati, these are two immature entities and under developed. This is just not the right time. Maybe when the two will have enough muscle to stand on their own and shall make sufficient money. If there is an opportunity in future, it would certainly happen after I’m gone”, Marchionne said when referring to the fact that his mandate expires in April 2019.

Recently, the Chinese from the Great Wall openly expressed an interest in purchasing the Jeep brand before waiving any possible takeover, but Marchionne insists that they received no offer and that there are no plans for a “major agreement” regarding Fiat-Chrysler.

Nevertheless, the activities strictly related to the automaker shall be separated. “There are activities within the Group that do not belong to a car manufacturer, for example the components businesses. The Group needs to be cleared of those things”, he added.

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