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The general idea behind concepts is creating a mean to showcase new technologies and design trends. When it comes to cars, auto shows are the main meeting point for concept cars.

Every large producer takes part in the multi-annual car shows to reveal a new technology, either fitted in an already existing car or featured on a concept car.

Generally, concept cars feature extravagant and futuristic ideas. Automakers push design and technology limits in order to test public reactions. Concept cars never go into production, at least not in the state that they’re presented at first.

A considerable amount of work usually needs to be done in order to make the car abide to safety regulations and cost-effective. Only then will it be allowed into showrooms to be sold and driven on public roads.

In terms of radical features, concept cars are unveiled either with a fancy chassis, a new engine or constructed using exotic (and most of the time, expensive) materials.

The automotive public shares its opinions over the concept and the automaker then proceeds into applying whichever changes it considers optimum to make the final car more pleasant and increase sales.

Automotive enthusiasts will generally appreciate an automaker sticking as close as possible to the original concept when releasing the final road-version of any vehicle.

Concept cars 2021 from all auto companies – find the latest prototype cars and future vehicles that blows your mind.

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