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A limousine is defined as a luxury car, usually sedan or saloon which is driven by a hired driver (chauffeur). Unlike a regular sedan, there is a partition placed between the passenger and the driver.

Usually, limousines have an extended wheelbase in order to increase passenger space and enhance comfort. The term is generally accepted as to represent a luxury vehicle; however, it is used in some parts to define a regular 4-door sedan.

Limousines may come with an extended wheelbase right from the factory line, or it can be modified by a coachbuilder or custom car shop. The traditional term for cars with elongated wheelbases is “stretch”. Stretch limousines usually come just in either black or white coating. Limousines are either owned by wealthy individuals or rented for special events such as weddings or parties.

The so-called exotic limousines are particularly of interest among TV stars. By taking a regular luxury vehicle and extending it to an almost unnecessary size, coach-builders create extravagant stretch limousines from SUVs or other unconventional choices.

Governments also own a fleet of limousines and are being used to transport politicians or guests. In these cases as well as for wealthy individuals, limousine cars can be retrofitted with heightened security features. For example, armor plating can be added within the body panels to protect the passengers from bullets. Other security enhancements include air filtration system, night vision and infrared cameras, run-flat tires and even secret compartments for weapons storage. A good example are limousines used to transport presidents and other high level officials.

Although rare, in some cases chauffeurs need to obtain a custom driver’s license in order to be allowed to legally drive a limousine. This happens as limousines may often weigh over the approved limit for regular cars and be categorized as mass transportation vehicles, also given their seating capacity.

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