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For 2018, a wave of new models and technologies is expected to hit the automotive market. Large automotive brands work constantly towards providing vehicles with enhanced safety features, more power and better mileage.

In terms of engine performance, many expect to see further improvements on internal combustion engines, either by enhancing the current features or adding on new technologies that have been developed. Whichever the case may be, it is expected that the trend of power output improvement should continue.

On the other hand, newer, more powerful drivetrains should not come at the expense of fuel efficiency. The bigger the distance covered with same amount of fuel means better efficiency and lower costs. New cars in 2018 are expected to at least match the previous fuel consumption ratings or go beyond them.

The growing problem of emissions might be provided with more solutions from automotive brands in 2018. Along with the already existing technologies that reduce the amount of emissions thrown into the atmosphere, new concepts and ideas might be revealed at auto shows and featured on new cars in 2018.

New cars in 2018 will also provide hybrid or fully electric powertrains, as the competition on this segment continues as well. More brands may join the alternative power trend by adding new models to the production line or retrofitting existing cars to use these green technologies.

Finally, comfort and safety features will reveal upgraded efficiency and performance. In-car entertainment will evolve to provide compatibility with the latest smartphones and gadgets, and offer further connectivity possibilities. Safety features will evolve, both on the passive and active side, ensuring even better restraints and collision prevention both for the driver, other traffic participants and pedestrians. This includes achieving better autonomous systems and cars that are able to safely drive on their own, with less or minimum driver interaction.

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New cars 2018 – see all about spects, opinions, quick reviews of the latest cars and photos with every new model released in 2018.

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