Fresh details on the next generation Peugeot 508: a shorter model with a Coupe specific design


The next generation 508 set to be launched in 2018, which will be shorter that its current version, and its design is specific to the Coupe version. Its break version will also receive some changes.

Sales on D category class cars dedicated especially for families are falling lately, caused also by the shift to SUVs by consumers. Here is included the Peugeot 508, which will receive the next generation version in 2018, a brand which according to Peugeot officials will reinvent itself in order to conquer the families.

L’Automobile Magazine revealed new information on the next generation version. Contrary to the trend in the lower segments, the next Peugeot 508 will be shorter in length of about 4.75 meters, compared to 4.83 meters of the current model. Even in this context, the wheelbase is expected to be longer.

Previously, Peugeot confirmed that the design front elements in the Instinct concept will be used on the next generation 508, but the quoted source stated that in fact it will be inspired by the Exalt Concept released in 2014. Therefore, 508 will have the Coupe specific body style, and major aesthetic changes will be made including for the break version, which is scheduled to debut thereafter.

On the interior, Peugeot will integrate the 2nd generation i-Cockpit system, which is the answer of the French car manufacturer to its rival’s Audi Virtual Cockpit. It will consist of a 12.3 inch display and an 8-inch touchscreen, and only 8 main buttons on the car’s center console.

Finally, we already know that the Peugeot 508 will also benefit from a hybrid version. Instead of its diesel-electric solution used until recently by the French carmaker, the 508 will feature a hybrid system based on a petrol engine and electric drivetrain, a solution used by the PSA Peugeot-Citroen Group on the EMP2 platform.

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