Toyota put its revamped Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car on sale


It’s a fresh push by Toyota Motor Corp to promote the zero-emission technology

Amid rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles, Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp put its revamped Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car on sale. Toyota’s trend towards developing hydrogen based electric vehicles has brought about this Mirai sedan’s newest generation model. A prime example of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle technology – (FCV), the all new Mirai offers an even advanced overall performance with no emissions whatsoever, except water.

Toyota combined two important aspects in the new Mirai- the FCEV tech and its GA-L platform, by means of which the vehicle architecture has been redesigned to optimally place its fuel cell while retaining the best possible vehicle dimensions and design. Another aspect is its smaller and lighter fuel cell stack as well as the fuel cell power converter. Although smaller, it still offers greater power density than before (5.4 kW/l).

Designers have also improved its aerodynamic abilities with an exterior design that minimizes friction in spite of higher speeds.

Toyota has failed so far to win drivers over to fuel cell vehicles (FCV), which remain a niche technology despite Japanese government backing, amid concerns about a lack of fueling stations, resale values and the risk of hydrogen explosions.

The new Mirai launch comes after Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced a goal in October to cut Japan’s carbon emissions to zero by 2050, in line with a European Union target and ahead of a pledge by Chinese President Xi Jinping to make his country “carbon neutral” by 2060.

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