Maserati reveals its new supercar MC20


It is the first car created for both for an electric engine and a combustion engine

After months of anticipation, Maserati reveals its new supercar MC20 and the launch marks a new era for the Italian automobile manufacturer.

A lot of firsts

It has lots of new features: MC20 is created for both for an electric engine and a combustion engine, it is the first Maserati with butterfly doors, the first Maserati with a monocoque made completely out of carbon fibre and a chassis made of aluminum. Besides, it is the first car that uses the TJI technology used in Formula 1. Fiat Chrysler is Maserati’s parent company.

The new Maserati has a Nettuno engine with 630 horsepower V6 with top speeds over 325 km per hour.

“”It has an extraordinary engine and performs incredibly, it is a super sports car that doesn’t have aerodynamic attachments because the design of the car is made so that is sucked down by the ground which brings advantages both for performance and ethically,” – CEO of Maserati, David Grasso, explained.

Originally scheduled to launch in May, supercar MC20’s debut was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A jewel of Modena

The new Maserati was revealed during a grand show in Modena, Italy, and marks Maserati’s comeback in the supercar industry. Journalists and experts said, after seeing the new MC20 that “we saw a jewel of Modena technology, the motor valley”.

The brand intends to release 13 new vehicles by 2024; every Maserati launched from now on will feature an electric version.

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