Dacia Jogger 7-seat: let’s meet on the 3rd of September


It is Renault’s new Jogger 7-seat family car that will replace some existing vehicles

“Dacia Jogger: Dacia’s All-New 7-Seater Family Car In The Starting Blocks” – according to a press release by Renault. The new model, Dacia Jogger, will be unveiled during a live on-line event and on show at the Munich Motor Show. “It will be known as Dacia Jogger! A simple, strong, and international name for the latest big brother sibling in the Dacia family – a versatile 7-seater family car” – Renault said, adding that it will be a vehicle for families to use for both their daily adventures and their trips in the great outdoors.

There’s also a 5-seat model

Renault say that Dacia Jogger will be available in 5 or 7-seat variant. Dacia is originally a Romanian company that was bought by Renault in 1999. The brand made a budget impact on the European car market. “With the pragmatic spirit that characterises it, Dacia offers a vehicle that allows its customers to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with friends and family in complete freedom” – Renault said without giving any pricing details. Dacia Jogger will replace Dacia’s Logan MCV model (no longer in production), as well as its small Dokker people carrier and the larger Lodgy, also due to be phased out.


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