Manhart Takes the BMW M8 Competition to the Next Level


BMW has never launched a car on the market with more power than the extraordinary M5 CS, which boasts a massive twin-turbo V8 engine that makes 617 horsepower and 553 lb ft of torque as standard.

That engine also powers the incredible M8 Competition, on which the brilliant German car tuners from Manhart have done wonders to lift its power all the way up to 812 HP and create the ravishing MH8 800.

To get that much power, Manhart started with BMW’s S63B44 engine and added numerous upgrades to it. They’ve installed their own turbocharger & intercooler and also swapped out the intake manifold to install a carbon fiber unit to make this engine more efficient than ever before!

What’s more, with its brand new stainless steel system, Manhart is able to get rid of exhaust gasses faster than before so that it can provide more power. The resulting 812 hp and 789 ft-lbs torque speaks for themselves – if you ask us, the torque might be even more incredible than the horsepower boost.

Keeping all those horses in check requires a more sophisticated approach. The stock suspension setup on the M8 Competition is great but it’s not really built for this extreme power and Manhart addressed this by switching out the car’s springs with adjustable KW units!

But the mods didn’t stop there. After upgrading the car’s most important performance features, they’ve equipped this M8 with custom-made 21 inch Spider wheels, 10.5 inches wide up front and 11,5 in the rear, and wrapped in 275 and 295-wide rubber. That’s a serious upgrade meant to keep the MH8 800 well on the asphalt.

The Manhart-built BMW M8 will be the ultimate expression of pure performance as it also features a carbon body package that includes a blacked-out grille, a new front spoiler and side skirts. It also comes with an impressive rear diffuser to help reduce air resistance when you’re on track!

The MH8 800 shown here is finished in a stunning dark blue matte paint matched by sports decals, while its hood has received cool GTR vents.

If you ask us, the Manhart MH800 is one-of-a kind, even though we’re heard that Manhard plans to build 10 examples of this beast. With its unique touches and radical performance mods, this car will be hard to mistaken for any other M8 on road!

We don’t have an exact price yet but since they are only going to build 10 examples you might want to get your reservation in now before it’s too late!

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