Talks like a human being, changes colours…the new BMW prototype


The new model, Vision Dee, “Digital Emotional Expérience”, will be put into production in 2025. This car talks like a human being, changes colors to suit the driver’s mood and has no screens on its dashboard.

BMW i Vision Dee is endowed with full-colour E Ink technology. The tech allows for a vibrant, individually configurable exterior with up to 32 different colours. “BMW i Vision Dee is another step on the road to the NEUE KLASSE. With this vision, we are looking far into the future and underlining the tremendous importance of digitalisation for our upcoming product generations” – according to the press statement released by BMW in Las Vegas. The i Vision Dee is an electric sports sedan concept with a wide range of technologies we could see in the immediate future : AI-powered virtual assistants, full-windshield heads-up displays, a full-colour version of the E Ink technology.

Very much a show car

The German luxury automaker revealed the i Vision Dee in Las Vegas, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. According to experts,  it will be challenging to put it into mass production at competitive prices, “the model being very much a show car”. The i Vision Dee car has 240 panels that can change individually to 32 different color . In one moment, the prototype is a light green shade, then dark purple, then red with white racing stripes. However, experts say that such a futuristic car won’t be authorized in ordinary traffic, as this change of colour could be very distracting on the road. This technology is already present on some high-end models of several brands, but only on the part facing the driver. The German automotive group had already disclosed last year this concept car that can change colors, but it was only gray.

A dashboard with no screens

The dashboard has one digital slider that controls images projected on the car’s windshield. At the highest level, the windshield could show a digital, virtual world instead of the reality of city streets.



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