BMW, the final countdown to new Minis


Actually, the next Mini won’t be so mini. The brand’s lead designer seems favourable to a bigger Mini.

The British automotive marque, owned by German automotive company BMW, has been working on a larger crossover that would sit above the Countryman. In terms of size, Countryman works pretty well in Europe. However, in China and the United States, where there are certain needs, the market would rather prefer something bigger. It’s all about space efficiency, rather than overall size.

“It has to stay and feel like a Mini, but no the size necessarily” – says Oliver Heilmer, Mini’s lead designer.

The biggest Mini, the smallest in its segment

Such a car would be the biggest Mini, however it would still be one of the smallest in its segment. “There’s interest in the small car segments. We can stretch the interpretation of Mini always being the smallest but I can’t imagine being bigger in a segment. We need to fulfil a requirement on size,” Bernd Körber, Mini boss said.

The new Mini’s interior will have a greater focus on digital technology, still the round centre console will remain a part of the design. It will encompass the Cluster Architecture concept and heat engines.

According to sources close to Mini, taking into account Brexit and all the changes resulting from leaving EU, but also the COVID-19 pandemic, which paralyzed the whole world for weeks, the new and bigger Mini won’t come out before 2024.

Fully electric model, together with Great Wall Motor

A bit earlier, probably 2022, Mini and China’s Great Wall Motor will launch a fully electric model. Last November, the two established “Spotlight Automotive Limited”, a joint venture aiming at developing and manufacturing the future electric MINI and new Great Wall models.


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