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The need of innovation in the field of automotive propulsion systems has a number of underlining factors: better fuel efficiency, more power, less noise and a cleaner environment. Hybrid cars are the first step towards better energy usage and environmentally friendly transportation.

An average internal combustion car has an engine efficiency of roughly 40%. This means that less than half of the fuel burned is actually transformed into usable energy to spin the wheels. Adding in the NOx and CO2 emissions and factoring the noise level, it is clear that things must change, fast.

Hybrid cars work by employing two different power units. In most cases, an internal combustion engine is aided by an electric motor. The two power units usually complement each other. For small-class cars that spend most of their time in the city, the electric motor takes the lead up to 30 mph (that’s 48 km/h) or higher. Then, at even higher speeds or when the electric motor’s battery is getting low, the internal combustion engine kicks in. Probably the most popular car in this configuration is the Toyota Prius hybrid.

Other configurations for hybrid cars also exist. The combustion engine and electric motor can work simultaneously via a splitting device, known as a planetary gear. The splitting devices adjust the power ration between the two sources. This is the case for BMW’s hybrid supercar, the i8.

In other cases, the combustion engine works solely as a range extender, burning gas to charge the battery that is feeding the electric motor. A good example is the BMW i3, which uses a 3-cylinder combustion engine as a range extender.

Depending on the configuration, some hybrid vehicles can be charger from a regular house outlet or via a specialized, high power charging station.

Finally, there are a particular set of hybrid cars that use hydrogen to generate electricity. The first car to be driven on pubic roads using this technology is Toyota Mirai. However, issues like overheating and reduced range made it less popular than expected.

One step closer to a friendly enviroment car is an electric car, and here you can view all about new models that came out in the market.

Electric cars and hybrid vehicles 2020 from all auto companies – find the latest green car models with electric engine on the market.

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