Harsh criticism on Volkswagen’s new electric car, the ID.3


“Auto Motor und Sport”, Germany’s automobile magazine panned the ID.3 as regards both fit and finish.

German auto experts reviewed the car ahead of its launch and have harsh words about it; they say Volkswagen’s new electric car, the ID.3, had fallen short of the carmaker’s usual standards of fit and finish, and had a limited operating range.

They tested it and found out that “the inner side of the hood looks like it was painted with a spray can.” Auto Motor und Sport lament the lack of quality in a trademark build quality in a pre-production model they were testing in this week’s edition.

Another problem – the operating range was only 359 kilometers; however, the powertrain and ride are good. Besides, Auto Motor und Sport write about uneven panel gaps, an infotainment system which takes a long time to fire up, and a navigation system which fails to work.

The German carmaker plans to build 1.5 million electric cars by 2025. Volkswagen Group, whose brands also include Porsche, Audi, Skoda, Bentley and Bugatti, will launch 75 electric cars by 2029.

The ID.3 is so important to Volkswagen’s future that the 3 in its name represents its position as the third major Volkswagen launch of all time, after the inaugural Beetle and ever-popular Golf.

There are three battery sizes to choose from that provide varying performance and battery ranges to suit your needs. There’s quite a disparity between them, and the knock-on is quite a price jump between the cheapest and most expensive ID.3.

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