218,000 Jetta sedans recalled in US for fuel leaks


Volkswagen recalls some Jetta sedans from the 2016-2018 model years

The decision was taken after a problem that could pose a very high risk was identified: improperly torqued fuel rail bolts. The leaking fuel could lead to a fire as in case the bolts come loose over time, gasoline may leak from the engine and increase the risk of a fire breaking out, since the fuel is so close to a source of ignition. The German carmaker say it isn’t aware of any injuries or fires related to the issue.

The recall campaign begins on December 20

Owners will be notified next month. The affected models will be brought in for inspection. If the recalled car is confirmed with loosening bolts, VW technicians will replace the bolts with new ones torqued to the correct specifications.

According to the documents submitted by Volkswagen to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bolts responsible for holding down the  high-pressure tubing can loosen over time, causing a fuel leak and potential fire hazard. Owners should be on the lookout for fuel seeping from beneath the engine compartment and on the possible gasoline smell. If this is the case, VW is asking customers to contact their local dealer immediately.




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