Jaguar F PACE was designated the 2017 car and the best-design car


Jaguar F-Pace has managed to win two World Car Awards 2017: The 2017 Car and the Best Design Car.

The performance SUV is the fastest-rising Jaguar and is the second car to win twice this award in the 13th year of the World Car Awards. The jury responsible for this double victory was composed of 75 prestigious journalists from 24 countries.

The two awards are the first success of the Jaguar brand in the World Car Awards. The medium-sized sedan, Jaguar XE, was among the finals of the year 2016, in the category “The most beautiful design”. This year, the Jaguar F-PACE was imposed on the Audi and Volkswagen brands represented by the Q5 and Tiguan models, winning the “Car of the Year” trophy. Within the design category, the Jaguar F-PACE advanced models such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Toyota C-HR.

Mike Rutherford, Director, Vice President and Member of the World Car Awards / World Car of the Year jury, said: “Jaguar has succeeded the impossible, first by winning the” Best Design of 2017 “award, then winning the great prize, “Machine of the Year 2017″. Thanks to the F-PACE model, the British manufacturer has outpaced prestigious competitors in Europe, Asia and North America. ”

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