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Sports cars are generally considered to be smaller, two seaters and two door vehicles. These cars are designed to be small and provide enhanced performance along with improved handling for a more aggressive driving style.

The term sports car goes back to 1919, being first mentioned in an article by The Times newspaper in London. It didn’t take long for sports cars to become popular. In order to ensure good dynamic abilities, sports cars are usually kept spartan in terms of comfort features. This ensures less weight and high maneuvering capacity.

Other key elements of a sports car include a precise (and usually stiff) suspension accompanied by a low center of gravity. Since 1950s, a strong focus was also put on aerodynamics, again, to boost grip and handling at high speeds.

Some of the first sports cars include the MG T-Type TC Midget, which was advertised as “a car primarily designed to give pleasure to the driver” or the FIA Shelby AC Cobra. First sports cars were open top, but later in the 60’s, sporty coupes have also taken the scene.

Many sports cars offer a front-engine rear wheel drive (FR) layout. Other versions opt for a front-mid or mid-placed engine, all to keep the center of gravity closer to the rear axle.

While most sportscars offer two seats, there are models where another set of two seats are placed in the back, but are generally suitable just for small children or light luggage and wouldn’t comfortably fit a full-grown adult of average height.

New sports cars 2021 from all auto companies – find the latest models of  luxury sport cars, small or super sport vehicles from the market.

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