Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate Edition. Only 175 cars will be produced


Aston Martin introduces the Ultimate Special Edition for his Vanquish S, whose career is coming to an end.

From a technical point of view, the cars in the special edition do not differ from the usual Aston Martin Vanquish S and Vanquish S Volante models. Under the hood is a naturally aspirated V12, which has a volume of 5.9 liters and produces 603 horsepower. The gearbox is a ZF eight-speed automatic.

However, the special edition is not distinguished by technical features, but by its exterior and interior design. At their choice, customers will be able to order one of the three available combinations.

The first one is called Contrasting Carbon and it carries a body painted in a black shade with bronze and carbon fiber inserts. An analogue color scheme is also used in the passenger compartment.

A second combination is called Sport Line – a gray painted body with blue inserts, alongside a cabind with gray leather upholstery and contrasting yellow and blue inserts .

There is also the Modern Lux combination that brings a white paint to the body and bronze color inserts, while the interior is upholstered with brown leather and black inserts.

Orders can already be processed and the first cars will reach their owners in the first quarter of 2018.

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