Tesla Roadster, a new model promised by Elon Musk: autonomy 1,000 kilometers and 1.9 seconds to 96 km / h


The new Tesla Roadster will be launched in 2020, will have a range of 1,000 kilometers and will become the world’s fastest model: 1.9 seconds to 96 km / h. At least that’s what CEO Elon Musk says.

Tesla has scheduled a special event for the evening of November 16 to officially reveal the new Semi tractor, but CEO Elon Musk has kept a huge surprise for the end. The American businessman presented Tesla Roadster, the second generation of electric sport car that was originally produced between 2008-2012.

Tesla Roadster: Essential Data:

  • the sport car benefits of one atypical design of the Tesla models that have been launched so far, with small optical blocks and spectacular aerodynamic shapes, especially on the sides and rear. Most likely, much of this design will disappear from the serial version;
  • although we are talking about a sport car, the model will have apparently enough space for 4 passengers;
  • the propulsion system is provided by three electric motors, one of which is located in front and two in the rear, so the model will have all-wheel drive;
  • Tesla did not mention the performance of the three engines, but claims that the new Roadster will become the fastest model in the world: 1.9 seconds for 96 km / h, 4.2 seconds for 160 km / h and only 8.8 seconds for 400 meters. The top speed will be over 400 km / h;
  • the battery has a capacity of 250 kWh and provides up to 1,000 kilometers of autonomy;

How spectacular the details of the new Tesla Roadster are, the difficult situation Tesla is currently experiencing. After announcing the biggest losses in its entire history, Tesla is trying to solve the serious production problems it has with the new Model 3.

Initial plans to produce 20,000 units in December were shattered by reality: by early November, Tesla produced only 260 of the 1,500 planned units and postponed the production plan of 20,000 units per month for March 2018.

In this context, the disclosure of images and performance with Tesla Roadster seems to be an attempt to distract attention from the Model 3 production problems and to prepare the ground for new financial resources from the advances paid by the customers impressed by figures.

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