Tesla recall over assisted driving acceleration


Nearly 300,000 cars, Model 3 and Y, will be recalled in China entirely remotely via a software update

The recall decision was made by the Chinese authorities – The State Administration for Market Regulation – that say that there is a problem with the  assisted driving function in the electric cars, namely it can currently be activated by drivers accidentally, causing sudden acceleration.

In total, more than 285,000 Tesla cars will be recalled, which is almost all Tesla cars in China :

  • 211,256 – Model 3;
  • 38,599 – Model Y manufactured inside China
  • 35,665 imported units.

The Chinese are concerned that the vehicles’ autopilot systems could be turned on automatically and this could result in the vehicle acting in a way drivers wouldn’t anticipate.

Tesla’s reaction

Tesla officials have said that the California-based company is complying with the safety recall. Tesla explained over Chinese social media that most of the repairs could be conducted via over-the-air updates and will upgrade the autopilot system for free.

Tesla has a bumpy relation with the Chinese communists

Some say that the recall could be politically motivated. China alleged Tesla vehicles could be used for espionage and banned self-parking cars in military areas. However, experts say that this autopilot problem have been raised only in the West. In some countries, Tesla had to to issue a few recalls recently for loose brake bolts and faulty seatbelts, though both were comparatively small in number.


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