Hesla: the Dutch company builds a Tesla that drives on hydrogen for a range of 1.000 km


A Dutch company builds a car that drives on hydrogen, starting from a Tesla Model S, increasing its range to nearly 1.000 kilometers, almost double the distance.

Holthausen Group is a Dutch company, specialized in gas transport and distribution, which decided to modify a Tesla Model S in order to increase its range by installing a hydrogen power source.

The “Hesla” Project consists of an added hydrogen fuel-cell pack (already offered by other companies), providing therefore Tesla Model S with two complementary power sources. It results a range of nearly 1.000 kilometers, almost double the distance covered by a standard car from Tesla.

The related costs amount to approximately EUR 50.000, currently the Hesla model is tested for approval. Tesla was not involved in this experiment, the car being purchased by the Dutch company from a Model S client.

The fuel-cell technology, based on hydrogen gas to produce electricity, is currently inaccessible to the general public because of the lack of fueling infrastructure and high prices of the cars.

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