Preview: 2018 Beijing International Auto Show


Hosted between April 25th, 2018 until May 4th, 2018, the Beijing Motor Show is expected to bring a large crowd of automotive manufacturers and car enthusiasts together.

As we have already seen during the Geneva International Auto Show, there has been a huge flow of new car models from brands all across the world, even though we’re just getting through the second quarter of 2018. The 2018 Beijing Motor Show should be nothing less than awesome, with a bunch of cars already being announced to be unveiled between the above mentioned dates.

Here’s a preliminary list of the most intriguing and awaited cars to be showcased during the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. The list will continue to grow and more models will be added as soon as information becomes available, so stay tuned and don’t forget to check back often!

2019 Volkswagen Touareg

The reveal of the 3rd generation Volkswagen Touareg has been set in stone. While the first real glimpses of the car were taken on March 23rd, it is clear that Volkswagen plans to formally unveil its large-class SUV during the 2018 Beijing Motor Show. From what’s known so far, the new Touareg will serve as the German automaker flagship.

However, it is expected that Volkswagen will switch titles as soon as the rumored electric replacement of the Phaeton arrives. This also means that Volkswagen plans on developing a new full-sized SUV. Most likely, the new SUV will be based on the T-Prime GTE Concept unveiled in 2016.

Based on the spy-shot photos recently captured, the fully-exposed 2019 Volkswagen Touareg comes with a more dynamic look, featuring a wider, and slightly elevated stance. The interior is also expected to be lighter and feature the new Innovision Cockpit instrument cluster.

The only real sad news here is that the new Touareg won’t find its way to the United States.

Nissan Terra SUV

Aiming to increase its frame-based car sales by 40% in the next four years, Nissan brings along the Nissan Terra. It is a seven-seat large SUV that is based on the successful Nissan Navara pickup truck. This is not your regular platform sharing system. In fact, it is fully expected that the Terra SUV will come equipped mostly with Navara components, including the frame and the drivetrain.

This isn’t necessarily bad news, since the Navara lineup proved to be an all-round sturdy market contender. The 2.3-liter diesel unit found on the Nissan Navara pushes out 188hp and 332 lb-ft. of torque, and should probably be available with either the 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic gearbox.

The Nissan Terra SUV will be formally unveiled during the 2018 Beijing Motor Show and will start selling in China as early as the second quarter. Other asian markets are to follow, as Nissan plans to bring the model to Australia as well.

Faraday Future makes a bold move: FF81 SUV

Not many expected the bold decision by Faraday Future to bring in a second model, named FF81. The reveal took place during a supplier meeting hosted at the Faraday Future headquarters in California. Information about the concept is scarce, however it is known for a fact that the FF81 will rank lower in size compared to the FF91.

Rumors state the concept will turn into a finite product this year and various clues indicate towards a surprise unveiling at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show.

Jeep Grand Commander

You wouldn’t really consider putting together the Jeep brand and the Asian markets. However, Jeep’s latest model is headed directly towards the far East. The Jeep Grand Commander will be built exclusively for the Chinese market and features a lengthened version of FCA’s CUSW platform. The same platform has its underpinnings in the Jeep Cherokee.

Even though it hasn’t officially debuted (and we’re expecting a Beijing Motor Show debut), Jeep has already opened preorders for the model. Shortly after its April debut, it is expected that the 3-row SUV will hit the dealerships. It will use Jeep’s newer 2-liter turbocharged engine offering 234 hp, alongside a tuned-up version reaching 265hp. The standard transmission will likely feature a 9-speed automatic gearbox.


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