Ford recalls 3 million vehicles, airbag inflators may have problems


The potential airbag inflators problem is related to 3 million older vehicles having Takata inflators

The vehicles that will be included in the recall come from the 2006-2012 model years, specifically, the Ford Ranger, Fusion, Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ, MKX and the Mercury Milan.

According to US authorities, Takata inflators show signs of “propellant degradation and potential future rupture risk.” Takata used ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion to inflate air bags in a crash. But the chemical can deteriorate over time under heat and humidity. When they deploy, the inflators may explode and spew shrapnel at passengers and drivers. It is estimated that at least 27 people were killed in such accidents and 400 were injured worldwide.

The recall is expected to cost the automaker an estimated dizzing amount of $610 million. The problem goes back to 2017, when Ford tried to seeking to avoid recalling the vehicles with the Takata airbags. The US safety regulators denied this petition the other day. The problem involving the more than 67 million inflators is the largest automotive recall in U.S. history.

Ford isn’t the only automaker dealing with this kind of problem. Volkswagen also announced a recall of 2012-2014 Beetles and Beetle Convertibles this week over similar issues. Ford says it still believes the airbags are safe, but will respect the safety regulator’s decision and issue a recall.Owners will be notified if their vehicle is included in the recall. Ford will replace the airbags, and vehicle owners will not be charged.

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