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Either referred to as Ford or by its longer denomination Ford Motor Company, the name represents a multinational American car brand with headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, Detroit. The company was founded by the legendary engineer and entrepreneur Henry Ford in 1903.

The main strong points of the company back at its beginnings were represented by the large-scale manufacturing processes and management of workforce. Ford was the first ever automaker to employ moving assembly lines in order to boost productivity and increase workflow. These advanced methods allowed Ford to sell hundreds or even thousands of models each year from each of its lines: A, B, C, F, K, N, R and S.

In 1908, the real breakthrough is obtained with the Model T, sold in millions of units over just 20 years. At the end of its lifecycle in 1927, Henry Ford decided to retire Model T and replaced with the novel Model A featuring windshield with safety glass. The first low-end car featuring a V8 engine was launched by Ford in 1932.

Two decades later, Ford expressed great interest towards automotive safety, providing for the first time in 1956 front and rear seatbelts, deep-dish steering wheel design and padded dashboards. One year later, childproof door locks were also introduced.

In 1964, Ford cars introduces the Mustang which was to become an iconic model for the North American automotive industry. Ford continued to sell millions of units from each market segment up to the late 90s, thanks to the US booming economy, availability of workforce and extremely low fuel prices.

However, as of year 2005, GM corporate bonds fell and the overall automotive industry collapsed in US. After reducing workforce numbers and closing 14 factories, Ford went on to introduce a new vehicle range using unibody platforms rather than cabin-over-chassis design. Some of the newer models include hybrids and electric vehicles designed for city use.

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