Increased range for the Ford Focus Electric: the compact model gets also in Europe a higher capacity battery pack of 225 km


Ford Focus Electric is also available now in Europe with an extended range of 225 kilometers, but the performance of this car is still behind the performance offered by its rival models.

Last year, Ford announced that the electric version of their famous Focus compact will receive in the United States an extended battery pack of 33.5 kWh, which guaranties an increased range of 225 kilometers according to NEDC standard.

The new battery pack is now available on the European market and it got a significant improvement compared to its previous capacity of just 23 kWh, which offered an estimated range of nearly 160 kilometers.

Similarly to the electric motor, this car is liquid-cooled in order to be more energy efficient. Moreover, Ford Focus Electric features a DC fast charge system, meaning the battery will recharge to an 80-percent level in only 30 minutes.

The other technical components shall remain unchanged, including the 107 kW engine, capable of generating the equivalent of 145 horsepower. Thus, Focus Electric sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.4 seconds, reaching a top speed of 137 km/h.

Despite this update, Ford Focus Electric is still behind other rival car manufacturers, since models such as Renault Zoe or Opel Ampera-E offer more generous ranges, of 400 and 500 kilometers, respectively. Ford enthusiasts will have to wait for the future electric SUV planned for 2020, which promises to offer a range of approx. 480 kilometers.

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