Best Cars of 2018 Geneva International Auto Show REVIEW


Witnessing the broad showcasing and reveals at the 2018 Geneva International Auto Show was a really amazing experience.

As the show is about to end and all car models and technologies have been revealed to the public, it’s time to go over what were the most eye-catching views at the show. Here’s what got the most attention from the media and other auto show participants.

Best cars presented on Geneva International Auto Show 2018

Porsche GT3 RS

One of the greenest cars out there, but terms of design rather than eco-friendly, is the Porsche GT3 RS. Roaring under the hood, there’s a refined version of the 4-liter N/A engine, now pushing out 513hp while redlining at 9000rpm. This translates in a 19hp performance increase compared to the old GT3 and is now able to reach 62mph in 3.2s.

Jaguar i-Pace Geneva Auto ShowJaguar i-Pace

Jaguar’s first electric car ever, the i-Pace comes around the as the electric alternative to the F-Pace SUV. However, it’s not just the combustion engine that has been replaced by an electric unit; the Jaguar i-Pace was revealed alongside a steep change in design. The i-Pace is also the first full-electric luxury SUV, being launched ahead of all the other large German automakers. That sends a strong message about Jaguar Land Rover’s position onto the electrifying niche.

BMW M8 Gran Coupe concept

Here we are, having the first real sneak-peek to the what is going to be the revival of BMW’s 8-series. The M8 concept revealed at the Geneva Auto Show gives out more than just a view of what’s to come. The initiative of bringing back the 8-Series also shows that BMW is going to reposition the 6-series line, sending it head-on against Porsche’s 911.

McLaren Senna GTR Geneva AutoShowMcLaren Senna GTR

Let’s face it; McLaren engineers and designers are no strangers to outraging specs. You could even say they crunch big numbers and wicked aerodynamic lines for breakfast. At the 2018 Geneva, McLaren first unveiled the P15, then shortly after the wicked-sick Senna GTR was let off into sight.

With only 75 units to be made, the road-illegal Senna GTR is considered the company’s most uncompromising car, yet. No wonder you’re not allowed to take it on the road. As McLaren mentions, only an F1 car will be able to out-perform the Senna GTR on the track. It would be best to take this info with a grain of salt, since Aston Martin made the very same claim for its Valkyrie AMR Pro.

Porsche Mission E

It is both reassuring and sad to see Porsche embracing the electric future of sportscars. As noticed in racing venues and testing grounds around the world, the Mission E isn’t just a model, but rather of a full family of upcoming cars. The Cross-TurismoMission E Concept looks strange, but it is categorized as a large SUV. By comparison, the i-Pace looks way better dressed than this. However, it’s not all about the looks, is it?

Toyota Supra GR Concept Geneva AutoShowToyota GR Supra Racing Concept

Car enthusiasts and JDM fans around the world have been waiting for this one for years now. Toyota’s GR Supra concept previews the 2019 production sports car and was definitely the star of the Geneva 2018 Auto Show. Although details are rather slim, it is known that the future Toyota Supra will share the same platform as the new BMW Z4 and come with rear-wheel drive.

Although there’s no hybrid drive in the works, there also won’t be any manual transmission available for the 2019 Supra. Instead, the model will source one of BMW’s straight-6 units couple to a 6 or 7-speed automatic.

Cupra e-Racer

With just a few notable exceptions, electric racing cars are hitting the tarmac all around the world. The Geneva Auto Show was the host for the 2020 Cupra e-Racer. SEAT calls its concept “the first 100% electric racing touring car” and the statement may not be too far away from the truth.

Based on the Cupra Leon TCR, the e-Racer will be capable of deliver continuous 400hp to the wheels and reaching peaks of 670hp.

Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept

The Lagonda Vision Concept goes back to the roots of what concept cars used to mean in the past. The super-brand is expected to come out in 2021 and pampered the critics at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show with extreme modern luxury. Materials such as silk and cashmere, complimented by ceramic tiling were the strong points of Aston Martin’s revived old nameplate.

Alpine A110 GT4 Geneva AutoShowAlpine A110 GT4

As all the 1,955 units of the Alpine Premiere Edition were sold in just 5 days, Alpine hurried to release another two new trim levels for the car that’s aiming to take down Porsche Cayman.  The Pure and Legende variants will maintain the 1.8-liter turbocharged 249bhp engine coupled to a 7-speed DCT gearbox.

However, the star in the shadow is the track-only Alpine A110 GT4. With increased downforce generated by the front wing and rear splitter, racing-spec shocks and springs, racing tires, competition brakes and sequential gearbox, the GT4 version waits for you to put the helmet on and strap-on. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

Nissan-Formula-E-Racer-ConceptNissan Formula E racer

Switching from road to rubber-filled tarmac, Nissan went for a strong position at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The Formula E car presented at the show reveals Nissan’s serious intentions into the electric-powered motorsport division.

Although the livery includes a safe combination of black and silver, the overall design of the car stands out of the crowd. The Halo safety equipment is integrated in a way to affect aerodynamics as little as possible, while also maintaining its weight as close to the car’s center of weight as possible.

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