Mitsubishi celebrates 100 years with a breathtaking concept


Mitsubishi is off the radar of the most notable Japanese producers. But, due to the Nissan’s patronage, Mitsubishi seems to experience a revival.

The mother company known today as Mitsubishi Motors (former Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company) celebrated 100 years of car history. Therefore, to mark the occasion, the designer Gabor Farkas elaborated a design study pretty futuristic.

For some time now Mr. Farkas has concentrated on the same brand. But in this last project, things take a futuristic turn.

Named the Hyaku concept (a word which in Japanese means “100”), the design project envisions a futuristic, autonomous electric coupe. Farkas has adopted the traditional Japanese aesthetic approach of “Shibui”, with clean, minimalistic lines, unadorned by any useless elements.

The designer incorporated the elements of a compact electric powertrain to allow ample space for luggage, under the front hood, giving the car a dynamic silhouette which reminds us of a classic grand tourer.

For comparison’s sake, we may say that this Mitsubishi concept resembles the Nissan GT-R.

And taking into consideration the expertise of Renault-Nissan alliance in the field of electric vehicles, the materialization of the concept Farkas has designed may not be so far off.

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