Smart Vision EQ Fortwo: electric and autonomous concept without a steering wheel and pedals for car-sharing services


The Smart Vision EQ Fortwo is a completely autonomous electric concept that does not require steering and pedals and is designed for car-sharing services in major cities.

Mercedes is currently developing a range of EQ electric models and it will be enriched at the Frankfurt Auto Show with a new concept, this time in the Smart yard.

We are talking about the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo, a concept that stands out not only by electric propulsion but also by the maximum level of autonomy that allowed the manufacturer to give up completely the pedals and the steering wheel.

Smart Vision EQ Fortwo: Essential data:

  • the concept complies with the Smart tradition: it has only two seats, only 2.7 meters in length, and retains many classic design elements, but the grid displays useful information for pedestrians, while a number of LED displays replace optical blocks and classic tail lights;
  • the two doors open in the form of a wing over the rear axle in order to provide easier access and to prevent collisions with cyclists and pedestrians;
  • the interior space is generous especially due to the absence of the steering wheel and the pedals, and the controls are made by a smartphone or by voice;
  • instead of the classic dashboard, Smart has integrated a 24-inch diagonal screen and two more 4 inch screens are positioned to the left and right of the main screen;
  • the two white seats benefit from an easy-to-clean leather upholstery, an important element for vehicles used for car-sharing services;
  • Smart Vision EQ Fortwo has a 30 kWh battery, but Daimler does not mention details about the range or engine power. However, we know that when it is not used, the concept can move alone to a charging station.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching a concept for car-sharing services is not at all surprising. Daimler currently operates such a service under the name Car2Go, which already has 2.6 million customers around the world. Full details of the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo will be made public on the occasion of the official Frankfurt presentation.

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