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The competition ignited between major automakers will continue in 2020. Although some merges and transactions will be done between brands, competition will still continue to exist and generate advances in technology and design.

For the most part, new cars from 2020 will be rolled out the design table and into the production line, with concepts revealed at major auto shows as well as through various auto news outlets, under the shape of spy shots and exclusive reviews. Auto shows will host the latest technologies available and upcoming on car models.

Along with improved technology, engine output performance and reliability is expected to increase. New efficiency algorithms will be capable to provide more power without taking an expense on fuel efficiency. Furthermore, carbon and other emissions will be lowered as to comply with increasing government standards.

The advances of battery technology and electric/hybrid propulsion systems will determine manufacturers to invest more into the design of electric and hybrid cars. New chassis design trends may emerge and new silhouettes will get ready to populate the roads, while other automakers will stick to the shapes that consecrated their image on the street.

In terms of driving comfort and safety, better sensors and detection systems will improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety by preventing accidents. New AI technology can improve self-driving systems, advancing towards an actual autonomous vehicle system which is able to operate independently without any driver input, regardless of the situation.

Finally, entertainment systems will provide higher quality sound from speaker systems while connectivity is getting upgraded to provide compatibility with the latest smartphones and gadgets on the market. Voice-activated commands will become easier to use and navigation system will upgrade to more accurate directions.

The supercar and hypercar segment will continue to grow, offering higher performance numbers than before, and pushing the limits of automotive capabilities.

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New cars 2020 – see all about spects, opinions, quick reviews of the latest cars and photos with every new model released in 2020.

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