Snow, sand and mud – Hyundai reveals more information on Terrain Mode selector


The New Santa Fe is the first Hyundai SUV in Europe to be equipped with this integrated control technology.

Hyundai has revealed more information about the new Terrain Mode selector. It will have individualized settings for snow, sand and mud and therefore the driver is able to optimize the car’s ability on a number of different driving conditions. With the simple turn of a switch, this system offers drivers better driving performance on a variety of surfaces such as sand, snow and mud as follows:

Snow – ptimizes important controls by reducing wheel slip to improve handling on slippery and snow-covered roads.

Sand – allows a smooth start and improves driving performance in soft terrains with high rolling resistance.

Mud – Optimizes all the important factors to achieve driving on slippery roads.

To switch from one to the other, has has only to press the pusher in the center. The driver can see in which driving and terrain mode he is both on the digital cluster and on the AVN screen. At Hyundai, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality of our vehicles and offer our customers even more premium products,” said Andreas Christoph-Hofmann, Vice President Marketing & Products at Hyundai Motor Europe. He added that with new features,  like the Terrain Mode selector, the New Santa Fe is more competitive in terms of technology and convenience, while staying true to its rugged SUV heritage and remaining a reliable vehicle in many terrains.

The car has a strong and distinct design, and has a comprehensive and innovative safety, technology and equipment package.


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