Acura NSX: Serial version, presented at Detroit


Three years after the introduction of the concept with the same name, the American division of Japanese manufacturer Acura (owned by Honda) revealed at the Detroit 2015 Auto Show the serial version of the supercar NSX.

The new generation Acura NSX looks almost the same as the prototype with the same name presented in 2012, with the indication that the series version is slightly longer and slightly wider. This decision was taken because the propulsion and transmission systems needed more space under the body.

More specifically, we are dealing with a hybrid system consisting of a V6 gasoline engine, three electric motors and a nine-speed automatic gearbox and double clutch. It sounds extraordinarily well, but the Acura officials were very stingy with the information, so the values ​​of power, sprint and speed are, for the time being, mysteries.

Instead, we know that the thermal engine is located in the center of the rear, and next to it is one of the three electric motors, which helps to accelerate, brake and change the gears, while the other two electric motors were put forward, where they can distribute independent left / right torque depending on road and driver requirements.

The interior has plenty of leather – from sports seats to dashboard, and the center console – which houses the precious start button – extends between the seats.

There are four driving modes – Quiet, Sport, Sport + and Track. In other words, there is no Comfort mode, which says quite a lot about the sporty propensities of the new Acura NSX.

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