Apple uses Chrysler to test a autonomous guidance system, the project from Cupertino being already in a very advanced stage


Apple is using Chrysler to test self-driving cars, but think no further since we’re talking only about the technology and hardware in itself.

Apple does not develop an autonomous car, but an autonomous guidance system for cars, later on to be sold to the carmakers. Apple has reportedly leased a testing facility owned by Chrysler to test its new system, located in Arizona, not very close to the Sunnyvale offices, where the team of this project works. Despite this, Apple leased the facility already few months ago and is working hard to develop the autonomous car guidance system, so most likely the project is far by now.

Apple uses Chrysler to test self-driving cars. In the past, Chrysler had used the facility to test their cars before being put to the market, and Apple probably have arranged a small ground before for testing its cars. Apple has several thousand square-meters of roads to test its cars and to simulate including the city traffic to ensure their autonomous guidance system is calibrated in a correct manner.

“Apple appears to be leasing a former Fiat Chrysler-owned proving grounds in Arizona to test autonomous vehicles, according to a source familiar with the matter. […] Over the last several months, Apple has been recruiting automotive test engineers and technicians from other proving grounds in the state, according to the source. The company signaled its intention is to test autonomous tech, the source said, which tracks with Apple’s revamped approach to self-driving cars.”

Apple has already been licensed by the American authorities to test autonomous cars, the Americans being no longer able to hide their plans to develop this system. It is yet to be seen how advanced the Apple project really is and how far it can go, since the Americans are being so secretive about it.

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