Seat Leon Cristobal: concept equipped with safety technologies for reduction of accidents caused by human errors


Seat released in mid-November its Cristobal concept based on Leon which benefits from several safety systems for the reduction of accidents caused by human errors.

SEAT will participate between 14-16 November at the Smart City Expo event in Barcelona, where a series of safety technologies will be presented.

They include among others the Seat Leon Cristobal, a concept based on series version of the compact Leon (photo) which benefits from a long list of safety systems. Named the “guardian angel”, this concept is one of the safest vehicles in the history of Seat, since it includes all safety systems that the Spanish manufacturer ever produced, all in one car.

For the time being, Seat has revealed only two such technologies: Drive Coach, which emits an acoustic signal and minimizes driver distraction, and Black Box, which is intended to record data and images while driving and send them to a selected Smartphone in the event of an accident. Seat goal is to reduce the main causes of accidents that are attributable to human errors.

At the same event, Seat will also premiere a Smartphone App which is intended to inform drivers which roads are under construction or repairs that might thus affect the traffic. Moreover, this App will allow early warning to the drivers about the areas where most accidents occur, in order to allow drivers to avoid them by changing the route.

Last but not least, Seat will exhibit also several units of the eMii electric prototype, which is scheduled for drive tests by employees at the Seat factory, for the period ahead.

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