Dacia becomes an INTELLIGENT car! Hi-tech functions on the new Duster! How does the car interior look like?


Dacia has revealed, for the first time, the interior of the new Duster at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The new Duster has been presented on 30 August but only the exterior, where not many changes have been made. Dacia kept the best for the Frankfurt Auto Show, revealing a much improved interior. Aside from the quality of the materials used, the cheapest SUV in Europe now features smart functions to assist drivers.

Dacia features all-around (360 degrees) camera system- useful in off-road and especially to assist parking. It has a new steering which makes the car easy to drive.

Dacia Duster is fitted also with hill descent control and hill assist control – function that controls the car upward/downward and helps the driver to start the car when driving up.

The center console has been redesigned, the seats are brand new, the steering wheel is adjustable for height and depth, and from now on the new Duster is fitted with a blind spot alert system, headlight sensors and air-conditioning control.

Price level remains the same.

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