Bentley presents the new Continental GT3: with a V8 producing over 550 horsepower and is one tone lighter than its street version


Bentley has published the first images with the new Continental GT3. This racer offers a 550 horsepower and weighs less than 1.300 kilograms.

Bentley exhibited the next generation Continental GT during the Frankfurt Auto Show. While at the same time, motorsport division together with M-Sport, the team winning the World Rally Championship, were developing the Continental GT3 race car.

The British have managed to reduce the total weight of this race car from 2.250 kilograms (road version) to less than 1.300 kilograms. Bentley engineers gambled on carbon fiber body panels and aerodynamic elements, but also on an exclusively dedicated racecar interior design.

In contract to the street version featuring a W12 6.0 litre, the new Bentley Continental GT3 uses a 4.0-litre biturbo V8 engine that generates 550 horsepower. Simultaneously, suspension, braking system and the exhaust system have been upgraded and revised especially for a race car.

Bentley has already initiated tests on the new Continental GT3, and it will go on sale June next year. The official racing debut will take place at Monza, Italy April 21 to 22 2018.

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