Ferrari to the second power. That’s how F12 Berlinetta tuned by Carlex looks like


Even if a standard Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is able to suck the minds of any car enthusiast, the model passed through the hands of Carlex tuning engineers turns out to be able to steal your heart.

With a cabin 10 times more appealing than the original model, thanks to the black leather upholstery, the Ferrari F12 Carlex turns out to be a super sports car with attitude, only good to rip on the road, reports Luxatic.

Carlex has been able to provide this machine with an image that can hardly be ignored, the car cabin being a true masterpiece of design.

The yellow exterior of the car, complemented by the black leather interior, the yellow leather inserts applied in the cabin and the carbon fiber instantly betray the nervousness of this auto monster with pedigree.

And taking into consideration the power of the tuned Ferrari, you will not be disappointed. The car squeezes every drop of energy from the 741 horsepower of the engine to reach 100 km/ h in 3.1 seconds and the maximum speed of 340 km/ h giving you the excitement you expect when you sit behind the steering wheel of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

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