Tokyo Motor Show: under pressure, Japanese automakers finally make the switch to EV


Although its doors have remained closed since 2019, the Japan Mobilty Show is back this year. A not-to-be-missed event for Japanese automakers, who seem to have finally decided to go electric. It’s about time, since the market share of electric vehicles in Japan will not exceed 2% in 2022, ten times less than in China or Europe.

200 million euros. This is the maximum amount Mitsubishi will invest in Renault’s future electric vehicle company, Ampère. Ampère will be launched on November 1, 2023, and will employ around 10,000 people in France. It is also due to be partially floated on the stock market in the first half of next year. The Japanese brand with the three diamonds is thus demonstrating its determination to strengthen cooperation with the other two members of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. And to accelerate the development of its electric vehicles. Mitsubishi will entrust Ampère with the design of a new electric model under its brand in Europe.

The must-have electric vehicles from Japanese automakers

Until now, Japanese automakers have been reluctant to make the move, preferring to excel in hybrids and, by extension, combustion engines. They, too, must offer a genuine range of electric vehicles, particularly in the face of their Chinese competitors’ unbeatable value-for-money models. Chinese manufacturers are following suit in Europe. It’s only logical that Japanese brands should be eagerly awaited in the electric vehicle segment at the Japan Mobility Show. Here are their main new products, some of which will not see the light of day immediately.

Honda is presenting three new models for the first time, all 100% electric. These are the Sustaina-C concept city car, whose look is similar to that of the Honda-e, the Specialty Sports concept, which could replace the NSX supercar, and a mini-bike called the CI-MEV.

Nissan is exhibiting at least four small SUV electric models in Tokyo, including the Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, Hyper Punk and a small van or large MPV called the Hyper Tourer. Infiniti unveils its first 100% electric model, the Vision Qe concept.

The Sport Mobility Concept is Subaru’s star attraction at the Japan Mobility Show. It’s Subaru’s new 100% electric sports coupe concept car, which also prefigures the brand’s new styling signature.


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