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Toyota Motor Corporation was found in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. As of 2017, Toyota was the leading in hybrid electric vehicle manufacturing and sales.

The company was created as a spin-off from the main company, Toyota Industries, in order to focus solely on consumer vehicles.

While still just a department under Toyota Industries, Toyota created its first engine, the Type A, then proceeded to manufacture the first passenger vehicle, Toyota AA, in 1936. Currently, Toyota owns a number of brands, including Hino, Lexus, Daihatsu and Ranz. A minor number of shares are also held in Subaru Corporation and Isuzu.

During the 40s and 50s Toyota was oriented towards building small passenger vehicles. These were marketed under the Toyopet name and the first of its kind was the Toyopet SA. A light truck, the Toyopet Stout was build as well. In 1957, Toyota enters the American market with the Crown model, as the “toyopet” didn’t really go well with the English language.

During the 70s Toyota, as well as other Asian large automotive brands started building factories on the US soil in order to keep their presence and avoid unhealthy taxes imposed by the government over imported vehicles. A number of slogans were used for marketing on the American continent, including the “Everyday”, “Moving forward” and the most recent “Let’s Go Places”.

Being the world’s leader in hybrid electric sales, Toyota cars invested large amounts of capital in the development of batteries and electric drivetrains. It’s hybrid electric flagship, the Toyota Prius was sold in over 4 million units as of 2017. Toyota offers a hybrid luxury SUV through its Lexus sub-brand, named RX 450h. There are also a number of full-electric cars marketed by Toyota, including the RAV4 EV, Toyota iQ concept and the Toyota I-Road. The Japanese brand also experimented with fuel-cell technology using hydrogen, testing the FCHV, a modified version of the Toyota Highlander. The Toyota Mirai is the first fuel-cell, road-legal vehicle in the world.

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