Toyota Adventure Concept: teaser for a new concept that has released on November 30


Toyota was presented on November 30 2017 its new concept called Adventure Concept. The first teaser indicates that the new concept is an SUV or pick-up.

Toyota is one of the constructors that plan at least one significant launch at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Japanese constructor revealed on November 30 its new concept, its full name Future Toyota Advanced Concept, in short FT-CA.

The Japanese manufacturer provided no other details regarding the new concept, but presented a teaser of the front end. Thus, this concept features LED lights below the headlights and on the top of the windscreen.

It’s still unclear what type of chassis will be used on this concept, but most probably it will be an SUV or a pick-up, especially since the American car market likes this kind of imposing cars models.

Although, traditionally it addresses the Americans, the Los Angeles Auto Show has already become attractive including for the Europeans. In addition to the new concept prepared by Toyota, at the event in the United States will be launched, among others, the new hybrid BMW i8 Spyder, the next generation Mazda6, the new Lexus RXL (the 7-seater version of RX SUV), and also the next generation Jeep Wrangler.

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