Jeep Wrangler – the next generation, facelift or a new car?


Are there cars that you recognize no matter what!? Some famous car brands keep moving further! For example Porsche is immediately recognizable, a Ferrari which is instantly betrayed by its front whatever the form of the hood.

The Golf stands out from one thousand models at the compact class, and Wrangler the usual 4×4 soldier. It is a whim? Maybe! For the reach ones! It is useful? Yes, if you want to fly over the ruts! Is this car a superb car no matter the duration and purpose!? 100% Yes! This is a desirable car that cannot be beaten by any form of landscape. Around this Jeep model, the aftermarket tuners took the Wrangler to the highest level turning it into a hero. With a special articulation, and a gear box which makes this car invincible and with its design tones turning it into a cult-like personalization.

The current rumor is that FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) is to be sold to the Chinese, but Sergio Marchionne, CEO, is set about the new Wrangler. Come rain or shine! Until then, they want to keep their promises. After the takeover in 2014, Wrangler sales have increased. Jeep distributed the Wrangler in Europe and due to that the total number of sold units has increased by 20% for the first two years under the new FAC business entity.

Today we talk about the new Jeep Wrangler which, in fact, is not so new, but a mere interpretation of the original model. As it always has been! A continuous facelift of the original model for the American Army, the Jeep Willys MB (MB stands for Military Bantam, where Bantam – another producer subcontracted by the American Army – was the design precursor).

Let’s not lose ourselves into the past! The car in these photos made official online had its debut at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, this late November. We can see from these photos that Wrangler comes in all the familiar hood shapes – with two- and four-door, hard and fabric rooftop. Rumors say that a model fitted with a rear box might be available. Besides from the engine, of which we know nothing, but hope for the existing 3.6-litre V6 engine and its almost 300 horsepower, what we know is little about accessories and personalized features. You can match the exterior paint with the removable doors and the rooftop. Further information was available at last Los Angeles Auto Show.

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