Is the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label taking the edge of the Escalade?


The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black label: a long wheelbase, impressive height, boosted ground clearance and 22-inch shiny wheels enough space to host a party inside. These are the main points the Lincoln’s flagship reveals as you get closer to the SUV.

For quite a long time, the rivalry between the Lincoln and Cadillac boiled down to a dispute almost no one was interested in anymore. Oh, how the wheels have turned! Major overhauling on the inside, Lincoln aims to provide once again, America’s largest, most opulent and luxurious SUV. Cadillac is probably feeling the tension rising already. For now, we can only hope for an equally awesome Escalade car model to build competition.

The outer shell

As you come close to the car, key in your pocket, the large Lincoln logo on the oversized grill lights up. Consequently, the headlights, fog lights and daylight running lights light up in a sequence. It looks like a friendly and proud reminder: that’s your car and it shows! We are fully aware Mercedes were the first to light up their star. However, some would say this piece of pizzaz fits better with the Lincoln.

The grille is large, and so is the logo. However, looking at the rest of the car, one could say it fits perfectly. Outer design lines were kept clean and extend over the front fascia and around the sides. The 22-inch wheels alongside the tires make up for 93 lbs of the car’s total mass.

On the inside

It is difficult to make justice of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label interior with just photos. The atmosphere inside is a mix of wooden textures and quality leather upholstery. Electronic controls are detailed yet not complex to use.

The drive may choose from a number of driving modes, including a Comfort option. Sadly, one would expect an SUV with such an extended wheelbase to glide over the road. Unfortunately, bumps and vibrations are transmitted through the wheels and to the steering and seats more than it should.

The electronic interface features a number of navigation and fine tuning gimmicks. Controls are at hand and although there are quite a few buttons, it doesn’t get complicated to use. If we’re talking about space, the 2018 Navigator Black Label has plenty of it.

There’s room for above-average sized passengers on the front and second seat rows. The third row will decently fit three people while kids will definitely have more than enough room when seated.


To make the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label move, the 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine was sourced from Ford’s F-150 pickup. Featuring the same numbers as in its Ford counterpart, the engine delivers 450 hp at 5000 rpm and 510 lb-ft of torque. Compared to Escalade’s 420 hp 6.2-liter V8, the Navigator definitely takes the spotlight.

Conclusion: Hip-Hop stars will likely trade their Escalade really soon

According to numerous sources, Cadillac has denied all requests of providing an Escalade model for head-to-head reviews against the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. While an official reason wasn’t mentioned, it is pretty obvious. Lincoln managed to drag itself out of the swamp and provided a luxurious SUV that’s worth the $100.000 price tag. Will Cadillac respond accordingly? We’ll wait and see what future auto shows will bring.



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