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Lincoln is the division marque of the Ford Motor Company, producing and selling luxury cars under its own badge and brand. The Lincoln Brand was founded in Dearborn, Michigan on August 1917 by engineer and automotive entrepreneur Henry M. Leland.

Leland named his company after the US president Abraham Lincoln, allegedly the first president he had ever cast a vote for. While the main task was assembling V12 aircraft engines to be used in World War I, Lincoln produced automotive products on the side, with the Lincoln Model L being released in 1917. When the war was over, Lincoln shifted its entire focus towards car production.

In 1922, Lincoln became a subsidiary of Ford, later to be upgraded to a full division. Ford did little changes to the chassis of the original Lincoln vehicle, however did extensive work on the body. In 1923, a number of body styles were sent into production, with particular focus in four door sedans with 4 seats. There was also a 2-seat roadster available, and even a 7-passenger touring sedan.

The KB platform featuring a V12 engine was introduced into production in 1932 and was first used on the smaller Lincoln-Zephyr. As of April 1940, Lincoln becomes a full division of Ford motor Company. This was done mainly to modernize Lincoln and make it more competitive on the market. As result, the Lincoln H Series was launched, featuring the Lincoln V12 engine.

During the 60’s and early 70s, the Continental Division was merged underneath Lincoln, thus revealing the Lincoln Continental Convertible and the Lincoln Continental sedan. The Lincoln Continentals were some of the largest passenger sedans produced in the United States. As of the early 80s, Lincoln went through a downsizing design trend, the change being reflected in the 84-87 Lincoln Continental, Town Car and Mark VIII.

In 1998, Lincoln cars introduces the Navigator, the first SUV of the brand. As it was received well by the public, the Navigator was followed by the Escalade and then the Aviator. Another smaller-sized SUV called the Mercury Mountaineer was added, however the high price made it undesirable.

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