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A sedan configuration, or as it’s known in British and Irish, a saloon, represents a car form that encapsulates a 3-box design. It features an A, B and C pillar which act like separation lines for the engine bay, passenger space and cargo space.

Sedans offer a comfortable amount of leg and head space for passengers in the second row of seats. Most sedan cars offer cargo space in the rear of the car with the sole exception of rear-engine models, where the actual trunk is moved where the engine bay would be. In case of some electric vehicles, both front and rear bays serve as cargo storage, since the electric motors are placed at the wheel.

The sedan has been one of the most bought and used car configurations on the entire planet, as they have been built with the primary purpose of transporting passengers and their luggage over city roads. Generally, space proportioning is similar regardless of the manufacturer of the sedan, the only noticeable difference being the placement of the B pillar. B pillars are set further towards the back of the sedan for 2-door configurations in order to better accommodate the elongated car doors.

The sedan chassis has been altered and divided further into subgroups. Such groups include hatchback sedans, which come with a fastback profile but have a liftgate or hatch instead of a trunk lid. Another division is the hardtop sedan. Popular back in the 60s, hardtop sedans remove the B pillar to boost visibility. In the same time, hardtop doors ended at the waist line.

Notchback sedans distinguish via the roof that’s completely parallel to the ground and a sharp angled rear window. Cargo space is well separated from the passenger box and can be easily distinguished when looking from the side.

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