Maserati Levante, launched for the first time in Geneva


Maserati entered the SUV segment by launching  Levante, the world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016.

The Maserati Levante is available with two engines, a 275 hp diesel and a V6 Twin-Turbo that develops 350 horsepower, on gasoline. The gasoline engine was built by Ferrari but developed by Maserati.

For Levante, the V6 is the most powerful engine, the V8 being kept for Quattroporte. The Italian SUV boasts a sprint of up to 100km / h in 5.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 260 km / h.

Maserati tested Levante on 5 continents, exposing it to weather conditions ranging from -35 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius.

Levante, like the other Maserati models, has received the S4 Intelligent Drive. With Levante, the company not only enriches its range of models but also makes its way into the much-coveted segment of SUVs where all the builders want to enter, if they have not already entered.

More and more builders being with few years far from this area, have taken the step, perhaps inspired by the commercial success that these cars enjoy. Thus, Bentley (Bentayga), Lamborghini (Urus), Jaguar (F-pace) and Rolls-Royce (Cullinan) have entered or will enter the segment where Porsche is already enjoying success with Cayenne.

Maserati Levante was entered in Europe in May 2017, and in July in Asia, then in September in the US. The waiting time for delivery would be somewhere at 3-4 months.

With Levante, Maserati wants to attract new customers, besides completing the range. The main market for Levante would be China, according to Giulio Pastore, General Manager of Maserati Europe. Italy’s first SUV could account for up to 50% of future brand sales.

For the moment, Maserati does not consider building another SUV.

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